Am I shredding* yet?

Happy New Year, lovely readers! I hope that you all had a lovely holiday despite COVID’s unwanted presence. Here in Phoenix, “winter weather” means “awesome,” so I currently have the privilege of enjoying beautiful weather whenever I want. As I mentioned in my last post, I really enjoyed the mountain bike clinic I took in November and since then, have been inspired to ride my bike a lot (for me, which is 3-4 times a week). As a result, I am riding trails and “cleaning” (i.e. successfully riding/completing) obstacles and sections of trails that I was way too scared to consider before the clinic. For example, recent successes on my bike at South Mountain include:

  • just trying things out and “sessioning,” or practicing things, like the Javelina, Mormon, and National trails!
  • riding the first 2 (of 3) “challenges” along the Desert Classic trail [Note: there is a more inappropriate name for the 3 challenges…if you really want to know what that name is, leave me a comment!]
  • cleaning the Lower Corona trail up and down
  • cleaning the north side descent of the “old” Beverly Canyon trail.

I’m also meeting a lot of ladies who ride, which is something I’ve been lacking. It’s way easier to get outside and ride my bike when I have people to do that with me! I’ve even set a riding goal: 30 miles per week. That doesn’t sound like much, but for me, as long as I pursue this goal, I’ll be riding way more than I have in the past 5 years combined. [Note: 30 miles per week x 52 weeks = 1,560 miles this year. Not bad!] And, last but probably not least, my SAT (self-appointed trainer) is thrilled that I’m riding more. I’ve also noticed he’s giving me more “riding tips” (usually unsolicited). Sigh. Some things never change.

What? I’m SMILING while riding my bike?

*”Shredding” refers to riding a trail at a skillful level, riding a trail really fast, and/or just plain having fun while riding.

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