New Year’s resolution: eat more junk food!

Before any of you comment on how unhealthy my resolution is, let me explain. I consider myself a healthy eater and primarily eat a vegetarian/vegan diet, i.e. no meat. Junk food is not a staple of my diet. However, I do let myself enjoy a treat or two after a big hike or bike ride, like a Coke or fries. Therefore, I figure as long as I engage in physical activity, I can eat junk food! This may be a resolution I can keep….

Today, my SAT (self-appointed trainer) and I hiked Arizona’s Mount Ord, which is the second-highest mountain in the Mazatal Mountain range (7128 ft / 2173 m). Some online accounts record the hiking distance to be 14 or 15 miles round-trip and the elevation gain to be anywhere between 3800–4720 ft (1158–1440 m). Our Garmin recorded the following statistics:

  • round-trip distance: 12.66 miles (20.4 km)
  • elevation gained: 3890 ft (1186 m)

Whatever the “true” statistics are, all I know is that my legs are sore. It’s an easy hike to follow, as you are on a jeep service road the entire time (the road is heavily eroded for the first 5 miles then comes to a junction with a newer, better quality service road for the rest of the way up to the top). However, all of the views along the entire trail/road are beautiful. (This was good, because the higher we hiked, the more we hurt….but the views were a pleasant distraction.) For instance:

At the summit, we saw a cluster of communication towers:


And more amazing views, this time of the entire Phoenix valley:

We were pretty hungry when we reached the summit. Remember my resolution of eating more junk food? Here’s me eating some leftover pizza on the summit:


On the way home, we went through a McDonald’s drive-thru so I could get some fries and a Coke. Both were consumed quickly. Overall, it was a successful day and we are excited to “bag” more peaks and eat more junk food!


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