Random thought of the day

We went for a bike ride this morning and climbed South Mountain. Total distance was 35 miles and total elevation was about 2100 feet. The South Mountain climb is not as difficult as cycling the Red Rock Scenic Loop (that was my first ride on my road bike!), but when you’re out of shape, climbing up a mountain on a bike gives you plenty of opportunities to count your gasps and to entertain random thoughts.

Speaking of out of shape, here’s a random thought: most road cyclists, or “roadies,” wear kits when riding their bikes. A kit is a cycling outfit that includes shorts or bib shorts, a jersey, and accessories (i.e. socks, shoes, and a cap). Many athletes like to dress to impress, and cyclists are no exception. The truly committed coordinate their kits with their bikes. Kit material tends to be stretchy, like spandex, and are typically made out of some fancy material that wicks away sweat. Wearing a kit can be considered more daunting than riding a bike because that form fitting outfit reveals EVERYTHING. [N.B. I believe that buying and wearing one’s first kit is like a cycling initiation rite, of sorts.] In fact, wearing a kit is rather like wearing your underwear in public….kind of like wearing Spanx in public. Why Spanx? Because the form-fittedness of the kit sucks all the loose jiggly bits closer to the body. Take a look:

(The first 2 photos are of a Spanx tank top and shorts. Both items are supposed to be worn underneath regular clothing. The photo on the far right is me on my first road bike ride [Red Rock Loop]. Note the form fitting kit. I am not happy in the picture because riding the Red Rock loop was really challenging for a beginner. Guess whose idea it was to ride the loop for my inaugural road bike ride?? My shoes that day were regular old running shoes and not the fancy clip-in shoes; the idea of being clipped into my pedals horrified and terrified me.)

In conclusion, if I ever want to feel tight, toned, and tucked in, all I have to do is wear my cycling “Spanx,” i.e. kit, and all will be hidden and camouflaged.