It’s autumn in AZ….at least according to the calendar.

Dear readers, I confess that I have neglected this blog. Why? Because I haven’t had any grand adventures to share with you. Since my last post, I’ve done a few “outdoorsy” things, such as sharing a lovely camping weekend with friends (we ate and lounged for the entire weekend. The only exercise I did was raise my fork to my mouth!) and going for a few local bike rides. Work has been rather intense lately and my boy choir has started up again, so that’s also been taking up time. However, I have a couple of events coming up in November that will hopefully inspire me to DO SOMETHING BIG. The first event is my first bike race! Well, technically, my 4-girl team is doing this race more for fun than for any racing glory. The “12 Hours of Fury” race consists of solo riders and teams riding a 15 mile loop. The most number of laps completed during the 12 hours wins! I plan on doing a wee bit more bike riding between now and November 19.

The other event coming up is an idea I had while talking with my SAT (that’s “self-appointed trainer,” a.k.a. wheel addict husband) yesterday. Here in Phoenix, there is such a thing as one trail system connecting the various regional parks in the metro area. That trail system is called the Maricopa Trail and most of it is completed. The trail is open to recreational users, like hikers and cyclists. The main trail is currently 242 miles long, according to Wikipedia; if one decides to explore the “spur” trails off of the main Maricopa Trail, that will add distance onto the 242 miles. Anyways, my idea is to bike pack the entire Maricopa (main) Trail in one weekend, probably Thanksgiving weekend (this date could change!). This self-appointed event would give me a training goal and an opportunity to DO SOMETHING BIG. Also, I like the fact that my SAT and I could do this starting from home without having to drive to a specific starting point. (Yes, my SAT will be doing this with me. Who else would carry all the bike packing gear?)

The last thing I wanted to share with you is that I will have my first guest post very very soon. This guest will share details from his recent crazy ultra epic bikepacking race that crossed Nevada, affectionately known as the Trans Nevada Trail, the TNT, or “the race across Nevada that almost killed me.” The official name is the Comstock Epic. Stay tuned!