Let’s do something different

This is not a blog post about any sort of bike ride. Keep reading though….!

A couple of days ago, a few work friends and I spontaneously decided to check out the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. This is something I’ve wanted to do for the past year, ever since I learned about it during a random internet search. The adventure course is essentially an obstacle course that is  suspended in the trees. You have to wear a harness and clip yourself into the cables that run all along the course at all times. Safety first! There are 5 courses that progress in difficulty and you are not allowed to continue to the next course until you finish the previous one. At the end of each course, you get to zip line to the next (that was my favorite part because, well, no effort was involved!).

When I say “no effort,” I mean no effort. Zip lining was definitely the easiest and most fun part of the course. Just clip yourself to the steel cable zip line, step off of the platform, and go! The rest of the course required a considerable amount of upper body and core strength, as well as a head for heights. Anyone with a fear of heights would probably not enjoy this adventure course. For instance:


(Zip lining to the next course. This was super fun!)

What are some other types of obstacles? Well, take a look:

(Clockwise from top left: Connor demonstrating the “no legs” technique on the rope swing; wooden “pogo stick” steps; rock climbing wall; Lindsey navigating the wobbly wooden beams.)

I would definitely do this again….after my arms and core recover….seriously though, I had a great time and would love to take any out-of-town friends here. 🙂  This was a really fun day at higher altitude with good company and a nice change from biking. If you’re in the Flagstaff area, check out the adventure course!


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