What have I done?

Today marks two straight weeks of riding my bike every morning.

For those who know me, you should indeed find that fact astounding because 1) I have to ride my bike in the MORNING, before work, very early due to the desert heat, 2) I am NOT a “morning person,” and 3) riding my bike is not without effort for me, even after accomplishing the purpose of this blog and gaining all that cycling experience. It has admittedly been difficult to get up some mornings the past two weeks knowing that the third thing I was going to do (the first thing being go to the bathroom and the second thing being eating breakfast) was place my posterior on my saddle and pedal my lethargic body some miles somewhere.

However, I want to lose the pounds I gained while working my day job and get back into shape. Or, get back some of the shape I used to be in….or something like that.

So, my dear “self-appointed trainer” (SAT) enthusiastically and too quickly suggested I start riding my bike each morning with him. The dialogue went something like this:


SAT: “So it’s summer now and I know you want to get back into shape. The only good time to get out and exercise is the morning because that’s the coolest part of the day. Let’s ride our bikes together each morning!!!! [insert his maniacal laughter at suggesting this “brilliant” idea]

Me: “–urgh–grunt–”

SAT: “It’ll be so great. You’ll get SO STRONG in NO TIME. Think of how awesome this will be!!!!”

Me: “–gs#$98d–meh–blurgh–”

SAT: “It’s settled. We’ll start tomorrow. Let’s not be too ambitious this week. Let’s sleep in a bit, maybe get up around 5:30am, then start riding around 6am. That should allow you to get used to the schedule.”

Me: “–hiss–”

SAT: “After 3 weeks, your body should be fully adjusted! You’ll feel awesome!!!!”

Me: “–whimper–”


Another small motivational factor in this new riding regime is the fact that I am now part of a cycling team. Ok, so the “cycling team” is really more of a “social club,” but members have the option of entering whatever cycling races — road bike races or mountain bike races — suits his or her fancy. I decided reluctantly (in keeping with the name of my blog) to enter my first team race in November. It’s a 12 hour mountain bike race and before anyone gets too excited, no, I am not going to be riding my mountain bike for 12 hours. I am not stupid. I will be part of a 4 person (women’s) team and we will all take turns riding a pre-determined loop. The team that rides the most number of loops, or laps, wins!

I don’t want to be the “weakest link” on my team, so I’ll do my best to stick to a regular “training plan.” I’m not certain if I’m feeling stronger yet….I don’t feel “awesome” [you LIED to me, SAT!], but getting regular exercise hasn’t been scientifically proven to harm anyone….yet. So, I will carry on.

I hope to update again soon with some mountain bike stories and pictures. In the meantime, I will leave you all with a couple of pictures from this morning’s mountain bike ride. The first is of a pretty cactus in bloom and the second is of a gila monster (they’re rarely spotted, so seeing one in person was cool!).



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