Change of plans

Well, folks, my idea of cycling down to Yuma for Thanksgiving is not happening this year due to a new job!  I have a new day job that precludes bike training (and I have nighttime gigs until Christmas that will further sap my mental and physical energy).  However, jobs = good reason to stop bike training.  That said, I look forward to Christmas festivities and adventures….all the way into 2016.  I’ve been doing little bits of research on outdoor adventures in AZ and there are a lot of places to visit.  The weather is simply marvelous now (finally) and it’s super fun to be able to go outside and not burn to death.  Daytime high temperatures now are in the low 70F / 20C.  Totally bearable!  Stay warm — or cool wherever you are — and stay safe!  I will update this blog in the next few weeks, hopefully with some pictures of holiday happenings.  🙂